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So many channels so little time

Posted:March 3, 2016 | Tags: social media, social media marketing, productivity

If you have been to a social media seminar lately, it's likely been assumed they that you HAVE to be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and probably Instagram as well. Not to mention the other traditional channels that you had in mind before you arrived. That's not necessarily a good assumption for all businesses. You have a lot of options, limited resources and of course a limited amount of time.

Each social media channel requires a good deal of care and feeding and a real commitment to...

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TGBC Social Media Brief: Yelp

Posted:March 14, 2017 | Tags: social media, marketing, yelp

YELP is a community based app which allows users to review, comment and post photos of local businesses.  It develops “organically” based on the interests of community members.  Any member can post a review and the displayed results for a business are based on a proprietary algorithm based on date and user activity. 

Business owners without charge can:

  • Claim their listing
  • Add and/or correct information about their business
  • Add photos to illustrate their business offerings
  • *** Respond...
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