2 posts published in February 2018

Strategically Thinking: Consider Scalability in Your Business Model

Posted:February 7, 2018 | Tags: strategy business planning scalability channels canvas

I remember a great commercial some time ago.  Team launches retail website and then anxiously waits for their first customer.  The counter (remember those?) clicks one....then two....and then accelerates so fast that they are overwhelmed.  For sure, that is the second worst problem to have but it can have catastrophic consequences.   

In developing your business model did you consider scalability? It often is a second thought only considered when the flood waters are already rising. ...

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Strategically Thinking: Do Your Customers Feel Special?

Posted:February 15, 2018 | Tags: strategy customer experience

I wanted to back up my iPhone and fired up iTunes to get started. I was greeted with a little pop up that proudly announced that the latest install had been optimized for music listening and no longer supported back up. Hmmm, that’s a decision that I would have liked to have made. Apple is now .99 a month richer as a consequence of doing my backup to the cloud.

Did anyone actually talk to a customer before implementing this new design? I wonder. Truly innovative businesses know more about...

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