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TGBC Social Media Brief: Yelp

Posted:March 14, 2017 | Tags: social media, marketing, yelp

YELP is a community based app which allows users to review, comment and post photos of local businesses.  It develops “organically” based on the interests of community members.  Any member can post a review and the displayed results for a business are based on a proprietary algorithm based on date and user activity. 

Business owners without charge can:

  • Claim their listing
  • Add and/or correct information about their business
  • Add photos to illustrate their business offerings
  • *** Respond...
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The Friday Five !!!!! - Meetings

Posted:March 24, 2017 | Tags: productivity business meetings
  1. Have a meeting leader or facilitator 
  2. Have an agenda, objective and time limit 
  3. Have a parking lot to capture off topic items
  4. Make note of actions, communicate and track to completion
  5. Be present – no screens or interruptions

The Friday Five!!!!! - Tips for Getting Things Done

Posted:March 28, 2017 | Tags: project management productivity

Have a lot of unfinished business?  Here's a few tips to help you get things done!

1. Adopt a project point of view

  • Beginning and an end
  • Results in a specific deliverable (product or service)

2. Inventory and prioritize projects

  • Use Stephen Covey method: 
    • Sort by urgency and importance
    • Prioritize urgent and important 
  • Limit in-process to 3-5 high priority projects

3. Have a team leader or PM responsible for high priority projects

  • Sets schedule
  • Schedules and manages...
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