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Strategic Planning Workshop for NonProfits

Posted:November 21, 2016 | Tags: nonprofit strategy plan

Nonprofits are businesses too and need to plan for their success!  There is no time like NOW to develop a plan to achieve success, sustain and grow your organization. 

TGBC offers a Strategic Planning Workshop customized for Nonprofits to develop or enhance your strategic plan.  Focus is on a practical and achievable results oriented plan that you can refer to regularly. Build consensus, reduce idle discussion and set your plan for success!

TGBC will work with your board, staff and key...
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Change is Hard.....VERY Hard

Posted:November 22, 2016 | Tags: Change transformation

It’s been said that we move towards those thoughts which are uppermost in our minds. Scary! Especially when you think about the vast stream of consciousness that floats through our minds in any single day. Fresh thoughts, great ideas, what time is dinner, who are the Rangers playing, what to do about Aleppo, how do we change the world, what meetings do I have tomorrow, do we have the Christmas lists, what wine goes with Turkey……..you get it. Thoughts are profound, trivial and sometimes...

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