Thursday Thoughts on Strategy

Posted:August 31, 2017 | Tags: strategy execution alignment pricing business

Thursday Thoughts on Strategy:  When we think about strategy we normally think about big picture objectives that set the trajectory of our organization.  The big picture stuff is, no question, very important and valuable for your business.  We also need to think strategically about all of our operations to be sure they support our overall business strategy.

Businesses are well served to have strategies, for pricing, marketing, sales, talent development, and so on supporting and integrating...

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Alignment and Strategic Execution

Posted:August 24, 2017 | Tags: strategy execution alignment

Thursday Thoughts: One of the top challenges in business is keeping your leadership team and organization aligned. Communications is obviously a key component and well run meetings are the best way to keep the communications flowing.

Separating strategic and operational meetings and setting separate cadence for each is great advice. Operational topics require frequent touch points for resolving critical issues and communicating conditions on the ground. Strategy is relatively stable with...

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The Friday Five!!!!! - Tips for Getting Things Done

Posted:March 28, 2017 | Tags: project management productivity

Have a lot of unfinished business?  Here's a few tips to help you get things done!

1. Adopt a project point of view

  • Beginning and an end
  • Results in a specific deliverable (product or service)

2. Inventory and prioritize projects

  • Use Stephen Covey method: 
    • Sort by urgency and importance
    • Prioritize urgent and important 
  • Limit in-process to 3-5 high priority projects

3. Have a team leader or PM responsible for high priority projects

  • Sets schedule
  • Schedules and manages...
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The Friday Five !!!!! - Meetings

Posted:March 24, 2017 | Tags: productivity business meetings
  1. Have a meeting leader or facilitator 
  2. Have an agenda, objective and time limit 
  3. Have a parking lot to capture off topic items
  4. Make note of actions, communicate and track to completion
  5. Be present – no screens or interruptions

TGBC Social Media Brief: Yelp

Posted:March 14, 2017 | Tags: social media, marketing, yelp

YELP is a community based app which allows users to review, comment and post photos of local businesses.  It develops “organically” based on the interests of community members.  Any member can post a review and the displayed results for a business are based on a proprietary algorithm based on date and user activity. 

Business owners without charge can:

  • Claim their listing
  • Add and/or correct information about their business
  • Add photos to illustrate their business offerings
  • *** Respond...
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